Frequently Asked Questions - 11. Account Cancellation

11. Account Cancellation

To completely deactivate your account, simply go to 'My Settings' on your personalized homepage to de-activate it. If you wish to retain your account but simply want to cancel your subscription renewal, please go to my setting under subscription and to update to 'cancel'. The system will prompt you to confirm again after you choose 'cancelled' and saved. If you click a yes, the subscription will be cancelled and it cannot be reversed back. An e-mail notification will be sent to your e-mail address informing you officially that you have cancelled the subscription. Please ensure that your cancellation request is made at least 48 hours before your subscription renewal date. There will not be any refund if cancellation is made after the renewal date.

We apologize that there is not refund if you decide to cancel it before your subscription plan expires. If you cancel your premium Membership after your first month, your subscription will be inactive for the remainder of your initial term. You cannot reverse this process.

Your Free Membership profile is a free service. It will remain on the site until you request us to cancel it. If you don't want your profile to be viewed by other members, you can either use the 'Hide my profile' function on your personalized homepage or a write in to remove the profile completely.

Once your profile is COMPLETELY removed and you want to log in, you need to complete the profile process all over again. There is no short cut.

Yes, provided they know your FunLink ID and your profile is not taken off the site.

Yes. Your profile will appear as long as your profile is not taken off the site and members can continue to conduct searches with criteria that match your profile.