Frequently Asked Questions - 4. Messages

4. Messages

We respect your privacy and we keep your actual email address confidential. You'll never see your email address displayed on All written communication from other FunLink will be directed to your FunLink Mailbox and NOT to your private email address. We aim to keep FunLink a stalker-free site for all.

Yes, just go to 'Sent Messages' in the Messages page.

All mails that you send to others are automatically saved for up to one month. You can view it by going to 'Messages Sent' on your personalized homepage.

For a start, it may be them. You may want to take another look at your profile. Have you included a recent best photo in your profile or simply a photo taken many years ago? Is the photo clear or blur? What have you written in your self-description? In term of self-description, have you written enough for the other members to know you?

Yes, we can. If you are not good at writing, you can try out pre-prepared self description features. Just click on wizard and the system will write on your behalf with some MCQ questions asked.

We do want everyone to be friends and to network but we also know from experience that sometimes you just don't want to see or hear someone for one reason or another. To block a FunLinker member, click 'Block this Member' on their profile. It stops a member from sending you messages. The other member will receive a positive message indicating that you are 'busy' and would not be able to reply for a long time. The other member will not be offended and he or she will not be able to nudge or send you any message.

This is a one way method. If you like to unblock someone, you have to search for his or her userid in the databse. We recommend you only to unblock someone when you really do not want to see him or her again for whatever reasons.